• How do I get an appointment to see the doctor?

    You can call the hospital on the land line number and ask for an appointment for 1st consultation. Kindly get your prior reports if any when you came to see the doctor. Also refer to the first consultation section under Infertility on the website.

  • Are there facilities to stay at your hospital if I have to?

    Yes, there are rooms available at the hospital, but priority will be given to patients who are operated/ undergoing surgery etc.

  • If I need a Laproscopy/ Hysteroscopy done where will that be done?

    All procedures will be carried out at our center. Our unit is fully equipped with all the operative set up required for such operations.

    Our spacious, ambient, well equipped, Operation Theatres, are fully air conditioned, with overhead Phillux Lights and central piped gases.

    They are also provided with modern Anaesthetic machines with multi parameter invasive and non-invasive monitors.

  • Do I have to go to Other Hospitals for Blood tests / sonography?

    No. Our hospital has facilities for drawing blood and we send it off to our specialist laboratory's for the particular tests. You can do the Sonography at our Ultrasound Imaging Department at our hospital.

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  • The above sites are just a guide. You can make a search on google or any other search engine and type "infertity or fertility treatments".