Pregnancy is a beautiful journey of your life

15 -17 days after your treatment is the most crucial day- the pregnancy test!! If the test is -ve then it is roller coster ride for all involved in the process. And a plan about what to do next needs to be decided along with a lot of couselling. But if the test is +ve then this pregnancy following IUI,IVF or ICSI brings its own special joys and concerns. This is a time of lots of hopes, fears, doubts and delights.


Anxiety is the most comon feeling during this time-

When you finally reach your goal in becoming pregnant, you will probably feel many conflicting emotions. The first trimester is usually the hardest because the pregnancy is not obvious to you or others yet. Many women have trouble believing that they are pregnant after trying for so long. Pregnancy symptoms can be a source of comfort, however symptoms can fluctuate from day to day and not all women have them. It is important to realize that many women that have gone through infertility feel the same emotions that you do. It is perfectly normal to feel a bit worried about your pregnancy, even women who haven't gone through infertility do. Try sharing your feelings with women in a similar situation and you will soon find that you are not alone.

Milestones of Pregnancy

6 weeks: A fetal heartbeat may be detected on an ultrasound.

11 weeks: The development of the embryo's organs is now underway and it enters the fetal period

12 weeks: A doppler device can sometimes detect an audible heartbeat.

13 weeks: The second trimester officially begins and the miscarriage rate decreases for most pregnancies.

16-20 weeks: The mother may be able to feel the first fluttering movements of the baby.

23 weeks: A baby born now can sometimes survive outside the womb with assisted neonatal intensive care.

24 weeks: A baby born now has more than a 50% survival chance, but at this early stage complications are still common. As each week goes by the baby has a better chance of survival outside the womb.

28 weeks: The third trimester officially begins.

37-40 weeks: A baby born now is considered full-term.